Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Samantha Fountain of Corvisiero Literary

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.14.19 AM.pngSamantha Fountain is a literary agent in training with Corvisiero Literary. She will be taking pitches for herself as well as Corvisiero Literary as a whole.

Samantha is personally seeking:

  • young adult contemporary titles, and she has a particular love for dark, yet beautiful stories with unique voice (The Fault in Our Stars, If I Stay).
  • historical fiction for both young adults and adults (Water for Elephants, Cold Mountain, The Book Thief, All the Light We Cannot See).
  • mysteries and thrillers with dark, dramatic undertones (Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, Dare Me).

She is also taking pitches on behalf of Corvisiero Literary co-agents for the following:

  • middle grade
  • science fiction
  • fantasy
  • horror
  • action / adventure
  • young adult fantasy and sci-fi

Samantha wears a few hats in the literary world. An unquenchable passion burns within her at the mere thought or mention of books. With eight years experience in the industry from writing for various print, online media, and her own manuscripts, to creating/hosting successful online events that connect writers with freelance editors, literary agents, and publishing houses.

Samantha’s most recent event is a Twitter sensation and can be found under #p2p16. The book industry is where she feels at home.

Samantha’s full time job is most enjoyable. She spends her days with her five-year-old, Wallace. She LOVES coffee, or perhaps it’s an addiction. Singing is a daily thing in her household. She admits her voice is nothing to write home about. Her son is the only one that joins in these musicals. Nap and bedtime are Samantha’s allotted time to write, edit, and help in making other writers’ dreams come true.


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