Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Amanda Leuck of Spencerhill Associates

Amanda Leuck is a literary agent with Spencerhill Associates.

Amanda began her career in media, and has worked on a TV talk show, at a fashion magazine, as a print journalist, and as an on-air traffic reporter. After graduating from New York University, Amanda went on to study literacy and literature at the post-graduate level. It was then that she developed her passion for publishing. Amanda joined Spencerhill Associates as an editorial assistant and was promoted to agent in August 2014.

Amanda is currently seeking strong, character-driven stories with an unforgettable voice. She’s looking for literary and commercial YA, select sci-fi and fantasy, and romance in all genres, including edgy romantic suspense, contemporary, and paranormal with a fresh twist.

I’m especially interested in:

  • contemporary and speculative fiction that explore social issues
  • YA fantasy based in mythology across cultures
  • historical novels that spark my need to know more
  • characters with disability, chronic illness or mental illness – that doesn’t necessarily drive the plot
  • #ownvoices
  • women and girls in STEM
  • romantic plots and subplots that surprise me
  • LGBTQIA+ characters
  • the intersection of science and religion, or magic and convention, where what is real is not clear
  • animal and ecological themes

I’m not looking for hard scifi, high fantasy, erotica or picture books. I will consider MG if it fits into my interests and is geared toward the older end of that audience.



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