Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Laurie Dennison of Creative Media Agency

Laurie Dennison is a literary agent with Creative Media Agency.

After earning her master’s degree from the University of Florida, Laurie Dennison began her career as an English teacher. She then spent over ten years working as a freelance writer and editor in desktop publishing, including serving as a Pitch Wars mentor for five years. In 2022 she attended the Denver Publishing Institute, leading to an internship at Creative Media Agency, Inc. before stepping into her role as an associate agent and internship coordinator at CMA.

In adult books, Laurie seeks:

  • Romance
  • Contemporary
  • Light fantasy/paranormal grounded in the real world
  • Book Club Fiction
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Domestic Suspense
  • Commercial Mystery/Thriller
  • Nonfiction
  • Memoir
  • Narrative
  • Women’s Issues
  • young adult/children’s

In Young Adult books, she seeks:

  • Contemporary
  • Suspense/Thriller/Mystery
  • Light Fantasy/Paranormal
  • Light Science Fiction
  • Nonfiction

I especially love upmarket writing, complex characters, and immersive settings. I enjoy upbeat, positive stories but don’t shy away from darker themes. Complicated relationships and family dynamics are a particular interest of mine, and I appreciate character development that is directly and organically integrated with the plot. In nonfiction, I’m interested in authors who are specialists in their fields, have strong platforms, and can help me see the world in a new light.

We live in a diverse world, and I want to see diversity of all types authentically represented in all genres; I’d love to champion minority voices as I build my list.

I’m not looking for picture books, middle grade, military or political thrillers, adult high fantasy or science fiction, horror, dystopian, or business books.

I love books that keep me engaged and turning pages late into the night. I want stories and characters that make me feel something, with concepts that are familiar enough to be relatable but unique enough to offer a fresh perspective. In nonfiction I’m inspired by timely work that helps me see the world in a new way.

I always knew my dream job would involve reading, and now I get to do it every day! I love the moment when a story completely captures my attention and I lose track of time. I am so grateful for the opportunity to partner with authors, help them realize their vision for a project, and place their work to reach readers, all while working collaboratively in a community that loves books as much as I do.

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