Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Laura Usselman of Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency

Laura Usselman is a literary agent at Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency.

Laura represents adult nonfiction and select literary fiction. Her favorite novels are written in distinctive prose and have memorable characters at their heart. “My fiction interests include character-centered fiction of all stripes, from the formally strange to the family saga. I’m looking for fiction projects that are grounded in strong writing, especially those that make a reader think in a slightly new way about what it is like to be a person.”

“For nonfiction, I am interested in thoughtful narrative nonfiction for younger readers, restlessly curious idea books, and voice-driven memoir. I am looking for writers with an obsessive, insatiable interest in something, who can help me understand something new. I have a special interest in unusual American perspectives, across genres.” Special areas of interest include legal and business narratives, cultural criticism, and contemporary parenthood.

Before joining SKLA, Laura earned her MFA in Fiction at Virginia Tech and worked at Cambridge University Press. A native of Atlanta and an alum of the University of Georgia, she lives with her spouse and her three daughters in Decatur, Georgia.



Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Alex Reubert of Sanford J. Greenburger Associates

Alex Reubert is literary agent with Sanford J. Greenburger Associates.

Alex is pursuing books that, either by style or story, demand he keep reading. For fiction that includes debuts, stories of love, family epics, and coming-of-age, at any age. He loves world literature and wants to see more books published in the U.S. that are not set in the U.S. He is eager to read and represent voices that have been historically de-centered. Thrillers and speculative stories that skew literary are welcome, as is any narrator looking back and trying to make sense of their life.

For nonfiction, he’s interested in memoir, psychology, narrative, philosophy, literary studies, art history, pop science, and cultural studies. The memoirs might be playful in the way they arrange time, the essays written in an undeniable voice. He’s also seeking poets and musicians that have ventured into prose. Writers that instill a sense of curiosity and wonder in others, no matter the subject, should get in touch and tell him about their work.

Alex joined the scouting department of Sanford J. Greenburger Associates at the start of 2019. Prior to the agency, he worked as a bookseller at WORD Bookstores and interned with New Directions and W.W. Norton & Company. Originally from Georgia, he lives in Brooklyn where he enjoys walking through parks and going to delis. Find him on Twitter @alex_reubert